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What better way is there to package a gift than a gift basket? With Christmas right around the corner, now is the best time to plan the perfect holiday basket. From shredded paper filler to favor boxes, Nashville Wraps is your one–stop shop for Christmas basket supplies.

A hand–crafted gift basket is an opportunity to create a gift as unique and special as the person receiving the gift. At Nashville Wraps we have everything you need to create the perfect presentation. Whether you want to put together a simple gift basket for your love on Valentine's Day, 100 baskets for a fundraiser or raffle, or even a selection of baskets to use as a promotional giveaway, we have what you are looking for.


We offer market trays in nine different shapes and sizes. All of our market trays are made from sturdy materials, so they become part of the gift, and can be re-used by the recipient. We offer a wide range of colors or designs for any occasion. Pair these trays with a cello basket bag and a little bit of shredded paper filler for a perfect gift.

Market trays are also great if you are looking to organize your home. These trays come in so many sizes and shapes to fit any storage need. Organize your pantry, clothes, toys and even dog and cat supplies with these convenient beveled trays.


Gift basket boxes are a great way to create stacked gift baskets. We have over 100 choices of printed or solid color basket boxes to choose from. Pair a basket box with an insert to add stability and reduce the amount of shredded paper filler needed to complete your gift basket.


We offer fabric containers in burlap or cotton. Our burlap containers come in an adorable striped design with a carrying handle that can be used as a gift basket or small gift bag. You can also choose a plain burlap container with a water resistant liner, which can be a perfect base for floral gifts.


Our wood crates come in a pre-packed assortment of sizes. Wooden crates are so popular right now because of the rustic design, and their reusable nature. All of our wooden crates are handmade in the USA, so you can be sure they are the highest quality. Take your rustic look one step further by adding wood excelsior, also known as wood wool or American moss, to cushion the contents. Our wood excelsior is also proudly made in the USA.