The Lights Fest

Each event is kicked off with the National Anthem.

While waiting for the sun to set, there are a variety of food trucks to check out including; pizza, sno cones, ice cream, tacos, beer, the works.

The live entertainment is always on point, and very kid friendly. In the photo above you’ll see Jarred Roberts of Wood & Stone Music. He can really work the crowd and get y’all feeling good.

What I love most is the atmosphere. Everyone is so kind. I can’t even explain it. Maybe if you’ve attended an event, you can. When you get checked in, find a spot to call ‘home’ for the night, and get set up… this calm just washes over you. Similar to that of sitting at a camp fire. It’s just relaxing. The music is great, the kids are safe. You’re just free to be in the moment. With complete strangers!

I loved seeing families at The Lights Fest. Everyone enjoying their time together, the great outdoors.

When the sun begins to sink below the horizon they come and light the tiki torches.

I couldn’t resist a selfie with the lanterns! It’s such a beautiful experience. I’d love to know if you go to an event, and how you like it.

I found this video on YouTube. It was by far one of the *best* videos about The Lights Fest. It truly captures the feeling and emotions of the experience.